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Class of 2018 Share Faith Through Hands-on Service

January 26, 2018 by Bryan Becerra

Our beloved Class of 2018 had the privilege to spend a day in Downtown Los Angeles. The midnight Mission opened its doors to our 8th graders, and they had a beautiful opportunity to encounter and serve some of the most in need of our city. They helped chop vegetables and pour hundreds of cups of milk. They squeezed lemons and organized shelving in a cold refrigerator. They folded napkins and swept floors. The list of tasks completed is endless but as their teacher and supporter, it was their attitude while doing the tasks that most impressed and inspired me. Our 8th graders worked with passion and focus. When given a task, they were able to complete it with efficiency and thoughtfulness. It was amazing to see! Then came the time to serve the meal, and our students served with a smile and showed strength of character during times that seemed confusing. They were polite, generous with their energy, and we had a lot of fun too!

Before going to The Midnight Mission, the class of 2018 spent the morning at the Cathedral just a few minutes away. They prayed there and prepared themselves for the day of service ahead. They knew that what they were about to do, that this service they were being invited to participate in, had to be grounded in their faith in Jesus. As young Vincentian Catholics, the class of 2018 shared their faith through hands-on service. We are so grateful for the gift of our God, who gives us faith in the first place and calls us to share His love with those most in need!

  • Sr. Georgina Severin D.C.


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