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Science Fair 2018

March 2, 2018 by Bryan Becerra

Science Fair Judge Mrs. Rincón-Ponce with students

Science Fair Judge Mrs. Rincón-Ponce with students

For the past couple of weeks our students have been working hard preparing for MOS’ yearly Science Fair.  Our judges, Mrs. Rincón-Ponce, Ms. Cueva and Mr. Garcia really had their work cut out for them because all of our students did a fantastic job applying the Scientific Method to their science experiments.  This year, MOS saw many creative submissions from our students. Some involved candles, slime and others mapped how the brain reacts to different stimuli. When asked about the importance of the science fair here is what one of our judges, Mrs. Rincón-Ponce had to say:

Preparing a science fair is an excellent example of what education experts call active learning or inquiry. This hands-on approach to learning is a cornerstone of successful science teaching in our school. As a judge, it is very important to observe how students apply the Scientific Method to research and conduct experiments in the classroom. Therefore, the value of science fairs does not only have an impact on student learning, but increases interest in students to become scientist or engineers one day”.

                                                                              – Mrs. Rincón-Ponce

Here are the winners for this years Science Fair:

 Transitional Kindergarten
        (Clean Teeth)
1st Place: Kimberly Ruiz
2nd Place: Edward Spear
3rd Place: Santiago Torres
      (Floating & Sinking)
1st Place: Belen Rangel Manzo
2nd Place: Alexander Flores
3rd Place: Kirbiana Washington
             First Grade
      (Expanding Water)
1st Place: Johannes Mestanza
2nd Place: Scarlett Barragan
3rd Place: Jennifer Pasaran
          Second Grade
     (Gravity and Friction)
1st Place: Adelina Jimenez
2nd Place: Mauricio Ruiz
3rd Place: Justin Pineda
           Third Grade
1st Place(Black Fire Snake): Alan Vazquez, Sandra Tigua, Hilary Vazquez, Justin Richardson
2nd Place(Milk Spoilage): Emmanuel Torres, Anthony Flores, Peter Rocha, Jordy Hernandez
3rd Place(Bone Strength): Fernando Tinoco, Angel Gonzalez, Andrea Smith, Derek Mendez
Fourth Grade
1st Place(Do Mood Rings Accurately Work?): Christa Partida, Melanie Felix, Jeremy Covarrubias, Anthony Espino, Mia Ortiz
2nd Place(What Lightens Stains Better): Dahlia Munoz, Marely Gomez, Roger Ruvalcaba, Emily Velasco, Fernando Viera
3rd Place(Which Trash Bag is Stronger): Benjamin Herenandez, Emily Ramirez, Walter Pena, Ethan Cruz, Emilio Avila
          Fifth Grade 
1st Place(Video Games and the Brain): Eduardo Prieto, Sergio Hernandez, Andres Vargas, Jerrie Pineda, Yaretzi Pineda
2nd Place(Hamster Run): Madison Alvarez, Anabella Trujillo, Hazel Chavez, Juliana Cueva Jimenez, Jennifer Velasco
3rd Place(Melting Ice Cream): Michelle Vasquez, Emily Diaz, Genesis Gomez Amaya, Luz Mendez, David Ceron
        Sixth Grade  
1st Place(Slime Measurements): Ashley Barajas-Guzman, Izabella Trujillo, Katherine Hernandez
2nd Place(Soda & Carbon Dioxide): Priscilla Hidalgo, Juval Guevara
3rd Place(Glowing Eggs): Jeffrey Lopez, Citlalli Ramirez, Delainy Gomez
       Seventh Grade
1st Place(Popcorn): Britney Salmeron, William Lopez, Arturo Ramirez, Hector Manzo
2nd Place(Roses & Additives): Anaiya Smith, Ashlee Hinton, Jocelyn Miranda, Moses Barragan
3rd Place(Scented Candles): Benjamin Torres, Dorian Espino, Vanessa Linares, Joshua Lopez
       Eighth Grade
1st Place(Casein Plastic): Ashley Leiva, Valerie Cueva-Jimenez, Mikayla Alvarez
2nd Place(Boiling Point): Brisa Mejia, Idaly De Luna, Annette Ramirez, Juan Castro
3rd Place(Music & the Brain): Hector Hernandez, Felipe Lucero, Noemi Ramirez 




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