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Third Graders Showcase Diorama Exhibit

November 7, 2018 by Bryan Becerra

Ms. Diaz with studentsThis past week our Third Grade Class presented book reports through the art of shoe box dioramas. Ms. Diaz our third grade teacher asked her students to select one of their favorite books and create a diorama using a shoe box and materials from home. The diorama had to reflect a scene from the book that really conveyed an important part of the book.  Along with creating the diorama, students had to write a summary of the book, make a list of descriptions for the main characters and channel their inner book critic by giving their book a star rating.

Not only did our third grade class present their dioramas to their classroom, but they hosted an exhibit showcasing  their dioramas for other grade levels and teachers to see as well.


Take a gander at what our Third Grade Class created. Pictures Found below.


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