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As a Daughter of Charity sponsored school, it is our mission to serve all children. Therefore, every family at Mother of Sorrows School automatically receives tuition assistance. The following chart illustrates how much assistance each family receives

All families must complete TADS Financial Aid Assessment and apply for the CEF Scholarship. Families are required to enroll in TADS Tuition Management for online tuition and fundraiser payments.

Every School year, each family is responsible for completing 25 hours of service and 6 fundraisers totaling $330 as a contribution to the school. 

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 Tuition/Family Contract

Yearly Tuition                                          Full Day

Number of Children  Actual Cost Amount of Assistance Yearly Tuition
One $7,350.00 $4,150.00 $3,200.00
Two $14,700.00 $10,200.00 $4,500.00
Three $22,050.00 $16,250.00 $5,800.00
Four $29,400.00 $22,300.00 $7,100.00

Preschool Tuition is a separate fee. It does NOT fall under the family rate.

Full Day Program Actual Cost Amount of Assistance Yearly Tuition
One Student  $7,350.00 $4,150.00 $3,200.00
Half Day Program $3,675.00 $2,075.00 $1,600.00

Registration Fees

No. of Students Fees
1 student $200
2 students $400
3 students $600
4+ students $800