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Pay Tuition Online

Make Your Tuition Payment Online

Most billing and tuition management tools do too little to help schools. TADS tuition management is an efficient, flexible system that gives schools control of their collection processes while TADS performs the service work.

A Powerful, Unique Solution

With our streamlined agreement builder, TADS does all the work. The days of paper pushing tuition agreements and the tedious task of creating agreements by hand have ended. TADS provides schools a competent and versatile system to manage fees, grants and discounts for families, all with line-item detail.

Control & Flexibility

Our tuition management system is a billing system that gives you complete control and maximum flexibility. All tuition amounts and fees are line-item detailed, allowing for advanced reporting and providing you with a subsidiary accounts receivable ledger. With our easy to use agreement builder, you can add incidental billing at any point in the year, and your families will automatically receive notification. You can completely customize invoices for unique family situations. And you choose the payment methods and plans you want to extend to families.

Tuition and fees are easily managed to include flexible terms based on your school’s requirements and individual family needs. Through our online and paper processes, family agreements can be tailored for each individual child within a family, allowing for differences between grade levels. TADS collects all tuition and itemized fees in the form of a household portfolio. Schools and families have real-time access to this information 24/7, while TADS provides remittance five times per month, exceeding industry standards. Schools have access to up-to-date, itemized account information and can synchronize data with internal accounting systems.

Focus on Customer Service

TADS does not outsource any of its processes, including customer support. With all of our services under one roof, our friendly, knowledgeable staff provides superior customer care. We offer live, real-time chat, email and an 800-number to answer questions and meet your billing and tuition needs. Our follow up is always friendly, courteous, and professional.

Call TADS with any additional questions: 1-800-477-8237 (Toll free)

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